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Our passion is to create the best belly dance publications in the world, full of information and inspiration. Our books are a fabulous addition to your dance library. Let us entertain you, educate you and empower you!

Dances With Veils‘Dances with Veils, A Journey to the Divine Feminine’ by Mezdulene 

Mezdulene’s book is unique and personal, filled with stories of healing, teaching and adventure. It’s about belly dance but more importantly, it’s about sacred femininity and empowerment.

BookCover-SoulOfBD‘The Soul of Belly Dance’

Welcome to the world of Belly Dance. If you are already a dancer, you were drawn to the dance by something, exercise, costuming, a desire to perform or just something you did on a whim. For whatever reason you started dancing, there is something deeper that keeps you dancing.   This is ‘the soul of belly dance.’ In this book, some of the top names in the field share their research and their experiences, making this manuscript a rich and unique resource for anyone who wants to know more about this beautiful art form.

Belly Dance Transformations‘Belly Dance Transformations’

For whatever reason women come to this art form, when it gets into their blood, they can’t help but be transformed. In this book you will read dozens of personal stories about how belly dance has transformed, changed and empowered lives – stories about people overcoming shyness, addiction, low self-esteem and lack of confidence and turning into self-assured and powerful women and men. These stories are touching, encouraging and compelling.

Jareeda Jewels Best of Costuming‘Jareeda Jewels Best of Costuming

The best of belly dance costuming articles of Jareeda Magazine from 2004 to 2008 are now published in a beautiful book for a long-lasting resource for your dance library. Enjoy dozens of articles on all aspects of costuming from research to DIY. In this unique book you find information on how to make a costume for fire dancing to theme dancing to everything traditional. Have you ever wondered about ancient safety pins? Do you like tribal, cabaret or goth styles? These subjects and so much more are contained in over 200 pages of this great publication.

Jareeda Cookbook‘Jareeda Cookbook’

This cookbook is filled with delicious Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes that will make your mouth water in anticipation. You will find the perfect dish for your next belly dance hafla, that special occasion or family dinner. Inside you’ll find over 80 recipes for appetizers, main courses, desserts and more!