Jareeda, Fall 2012 Highlights

This issue is packed with articles!! Some of the articles are about teaching, some are general topics and many are reviews about DVDs, shows and workshops letting you know the latest and greatest news!

current-issue-1The Secret Insanity of Belly Dance

by Savanah Radaelli 2012

………Throughout my seventeen years I have seen breakdowns in the dressing room, lighting/costume/stage/music malfunctions, the audience getting a little too “hands on” with the dancers, and much more. Some were easy fixes, while others were more complicated…………

Looking Like a Bombshel! Make-up Artistry with Princess Farhana & DeVille Review by Irina Xara

current-issue-2current-issue-2aI had the pleasure of assisting with the DVD shoot for Princess Farhana and DeVilla’s upcoming DVD, which is entitled Bombshell: Dramatic Make-Up For The Stage, Photos And Glamorous Occasions.

I was thrilled to have been invited into the role of script assistant by my bellydance instructor of several years, Princess Farhana. The Princess herself states: “For years people have admired my stage make-up, and constantly asked what my techniques are.

I’ve been teaching stage make-up workshops for the past ten years, and have always wanted to do a make-up  DVD.”

How Not to Annoy Your Hafla Organizer By Lorelei.

current-issue-3As we all grow in our dance experience, we participate in a variety of events called “hafla.” Some are full stage performances and some are pot luck events with open dance, but all have a hafla organizer or organization team. This organizer is taking on all the costs and responsibility of the group at the venue.

I have filled the role of performer, volunteer, and organizer at such events. I currently host a monthly event at a restaurant venue near my home that also hosts bands and other performance arts groups.

During all the shows I have participated, I have noticed a number of things that occur frequently that make the show more difficult for the organizer………..

You Asked Aunt Rocky: Answers & Advice About Raqs Sharki & Raks Shaabi

Reviewed by Mezdulene

current-issue-4You asked for it, you waited for it, and it’s finally here: Morocco’s tell all book, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about belly dance and a whole bunch of stuff you would never think to ask!


Now, on with her book….over 400 pages of facts, every detail of the dance, the costuming, the make-up and the culture. It’s truly one of the most amazing publications ever. Do I sound like I am gushing? Well, that’s because I am. Like Morocco, belly dancing is my life, and this book is a true gift to our belly dance community.

After her introduction and interesting bio, she proceeds to a section called “Shaabi: Folklore and Fakelore.” It’s almost 100 pages of information about the Zeffa, Ghawazi, Hagallah, Guedra, Zar, Ouled Nail, Roma and so much more. She separates facts from fantasies, and answers a plethora of questions in detail. This section alone is worth the cost of the book.

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