About Jareeda

Jareeda is now in book form!  Jareeda was an International Middle Eastern Dance Magazine owned and edited by Mezdulene and  published for over 30 years.  In keeping with the times, you will be able to purchase either hard copy versions or kindle so that you can read it on the go.  Our first book was “The Soul of Belly Dance” available on Amazon in black and white, color and on kindle. Other books include a “Jareeda Cookbook,” “Jareeda Jewels Best of Costuming” and “Belly Dance Transformations!”

Jareeda books are compilations of stories and information that will make an inspiring resource for your belly dance library.

Back issues of Jareeda Magazine are now collector’s items and available here on our site.


Jareeda books are themed and we accept story submissions from anyone who is inspired to write about our wonderful art form. The next themed book will be announced here, and stories can be sent by email as a word attachment or in the body of the email itself. Photos need to be sent as jpegs or tif files. Photos for front or back cover consideration need to be 600 dpi and at least 8″ by 10.”

Email   jareeda@jareeda.com

  Mezdulene mezdulene@mezdulene.com