About Mezdulene


Mezdulene is the owner/publisher/editor of Jareeda and is committed to keeping the tone positive and supportive. She loves publishing women’s stories and creating inspiring resources for the belly dance community.

Mezdulene has been dancing for over 30 years and has experienced tremendous personal growth and healing through the dance. She has written the book “Dances with Veils, A Journey to the Divine Feminine” telling about her healing journey through belly dance. The one constant in her life during challenging and painful times, in the past many years, has been the dance and the supportive friends she has made through the dance. She is a performer, instructor, seminar teacher and choreographer and the director of Mystical Oasis Dance Company. She also has several instructional videos available for purchase.

In addition to dancing, Mezdulene is a mother and grandmother.  She is also an author, an ordained, interfaith minister who loves to perform weddings, a Reiki master, Shaman and Akashic Record consultant.


Mezdulene is passionate about Middle Eastern Dance and loves to share her passion. She is a master at veil and famous for her original double sword dancing. She is an encouraging teacher and creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for her workshops. Her favorite performance highlight was dancing in several night clubs during a tour of Egypt. “The reason I love this art form so much is because it gives me the opportunity to express my inner self, to use music that touches me deeply and to move to that music in a creative and meaningful way. It has changed my life, giving me a release and an outlet which allows me to connect with other women (and sometimes men) and develop deep and lasting friendships. My favorite thing about Middle Eastern Dance is that it is a dance for all women, not just the young and agile. I have had students from age 2-88. I love watching my students blossom, gaining not only a new skill but also self-confidence, poise and pride in their own femininity. There is so much diversity to Middle Eastern dance from folkloric to cabaret, that anyone can find a niche that feels comfortable to them.”


  • Veilwork including single, double, 1/2 circle and full circle cape (1-3 hrs)
  • Veil Play: Creative and Interactive Fun (15-30 min)
  • Balancing and Props including sword, cane, tray….… (1 hr)
  • Hypnotic Hands and Arms (1-2 hrs)
  • Stage Presence, Expression/Attitude including Entrances and Exits (1 hr)
  • Dancing your essence (1 hr)
  • Goddess Dances (1 hr)
  • Step Combinations-Slow or Fast (1 hr)
  • Competition Savvy (1 hr)
  • Karsilama (9/8) Skirt Choreography (2 hr)
  • Pharonic Choreography (1 hr)
  • Cane Choreography (1-2 hrs)
  • Shimmy Dance Choreography (1-2 hrs)
  • Veil Choreography (1-2 hrs)
  • Sword Choreography (1-2 hrs)

“I am very flexible and combinations of the above can be done to fit your needs.”

Please free to contact me with questions at mezdulene@jareeda.com.