When You Need a Bodyguard

Let me start by stating right off, I am not a bellydance snob. You know the type who only want to do huge events. I do plenty of small gigs and love, or loved, each one. I rarely ever said “no” to a gig, until one night I worked a private party that changed my mind. I have danced many private … [Read more...]

Arabic Language

ARABIC LANGUAGE By Katisha I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and soon after my family moved to Genoa, Italy where I spent my early school years. Being raised in Europe gave me the opportunity to be exposed to many different languages. Ever since, I have been fascinated by them. I hear languages as … [Read more...]

Your Best Side

Your Best Side by Teraz It's amazing that you can have a hundred or more costumes and have danced more than a thousand and one nights and never have adecent photograph of yourself as a dancer!! Many people will promise that they took great pictures and will make sure you get one. That's like telling … [Read more...]

Advertise Yourself

ADVERTISE YOURSELF! By Angelique When I began performing and teaching professionally, I knew I had tolet other people know that I was in business. I have been successful at this, but along the way I've managed to waste a lot ofmoney! By trial and error, I've learned some of the the … [Read more...]

The Truth About Reviews

THE TRUTH ABOUT REVIEWS AS I SEE IT By Mezdulene Recently, more than one person has commented that Jareeda is "too nice" when it comes to reviews. It isn't that they want to read something negative that tears someone or something down, it is that they feel an all positive review isn't … [Read more...]

Belly Dancing, What it Is and What it Isn’t

There are many myths and misconceptions about the women's dances of the Middle East. Here are the ones I hear most often: * MYTH #1: Belly-Dance is some sort of sex dance performed by "harem girls" for some sort of "sheik" or "sultan." * MYTH #2: Belly-Dance is the same as Hula Dance, Gypsy … [Read more...]