When You Need a Bodyguard

Let me start by stating right off, I am not a bellydance snob. You know the type who only want to do huge events. I do plenty of small gigs and love, or loved, each one. I rarely ever said “no” to a gig, until one night I worked a private party that changed my mind. I have danced many private … [Read more...]

Arabic Language

ARABIC LANGUAGE By Katisha I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and soon after my family moved to Genoa, Italy where I spent my early school years. Being raised in Europe gave me the opportunity to be exposed to many different languages. Ever since, I have been fascinated by them. I hear languages as … [Read more...]

Your Best Side

Your Best Side by Teraz It's amazing that you can have a hundred or more costumes and have danced more than a thousand and one nights and never have adecent photograph of yourself as a dancer!! Many people will promise that they took great pictures and will make sure you get one. That's like telling … [Read more...]

Advertise Yourself

ADVERTISE YOURSELF! By Angelique When I began performing and teaching professionally, I knew I had tolet other people know that I was in business. I have been successful at this, but along the way I've managed to waste a lot ofmoney! By trial and error, I've learned some of the the … [Read more...]