2003 Jareeda Costume Issue


Jareeda’s 2003 Costume Issue is filled with great articles and tons of photos


Jareeda 2003 Costuming Issue is the bomb!

Designing Motifs by Dina Lydia, Costume Goddess

Sewing Tips by Halima

A ’Heavy’ Costume Problem by Jasel

Snake Costume by Sonya Hohmann

Elements of a Great Cabaret Costume by Lilla

Ask Abla Aisha

Night of the Tiki Goddesses by Michelle Stone

Putting Together a Theme Performance by Asrai

Kyrgyzstan Costuming By Rebecca Conant

The Dress! By Dondi

The Little Wood Nymph by Titanya

Internet Insider by Shira

Big Beautiful Belly Dancer by Mezdulene

Costuming Possibilities by Jamara


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