2005 Jareeda Costume Issue


Jareeda’s 2005 Costume Issue is another favorite filled with great information.


Jareeda 2005 Costume Issue is filled with tantalizing articles.

Simple Sequin Elegance by Tanna

Astryd de Michele Egyptian Scarab Costume

Using Tradition to Inspire by Nancy Fetzek-Guzel

Wishing I Could Sew by Adry Svraka

Costume Conversions by Waukena

Keep It Couth! by Mahsati

Rules of Foot by Lilla Varese

Alien Aquaman Goes Courting by Munierah Dereima

Creating Costumingā€¦. by Laurel Victoria Gray

A Closet Full of Memories by Rebeccan Conant

Tips for the Mature Dancer by Anisa

And many more!


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