2007 Jareeda Costume Issue


Jareeda 2007 Costume features a whole bunch of great articles all about costumes! See the list below.


Jareeda 2007 Costume issue is filled with amazing articles!

The White Set by Teresa Phillips

My Garish Green Costume By Sarah Skinner

Collecting Cowries by Sabine

My Butterfly Costume By Lamis

Costuming for Fire Dance By Leslie Rosen

Ancient Costume on the Cutting Edge By Shahravar

My Costume History by Devi

Troupe Costuming By Kashani

How To Make Your Own Belly Dance Costume by Janie

Halima’s Hints

Those Little Extras by Dr. Maya

Crowning Glory by Princess Farhana

So, You’re Ready To Dye Your Own Veil? by Jennifer Dawson

Arzina’s Costume & I Don’t Own Street Clothes by Mariah

Diamond in the Rough by Justina

Gothic Belly Dance Costume by Tanna Valentine

Sharita’s Got A Brand New Bag

Tassel Making  by Samara

Need Inspiration?  by Samara

Plus many more articles for your reading pleasure.


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