2008 Jareeda Costuming Issue


This is one of Jareeda’s most popular costuming issues and is filled with great costuming articles.


This is one of Jareeda’s best costuming issues! We absolutely love this one inside and out!

I Can’t Stop With Just One Skirt by Michelle Amaral

Best Foot Forward by Princess Farhana

Glue! Glue! Glue! By Jeanie Cafferty

Costuming Comments by Robyn Vandiver

Costume-Making Secrets by Justina

Peacock Fairy Goddess by Mahsati Janan

Christmas Costuming by Kashani

Journey of Raj Costume by Sarah Skinner

Snowflake Costume by Tanna Valentine

Costuming for Cost and Comfort by Samara

Troupe Costuming by Hespera

Costuming for Inner Beauty by Dhyanis

And, many more plus our regular columns!


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