2011 Jareeda Costume Issue


Aliens, towels and more fill this issue with fun and instructive costuming articles.


2011 Jareeda Costume Issue has everything from fun to instructional and more articles galore!

Belly Dance Bra Alteration 101 by Sabrina

All About Costumes for Oriental Dance! by Gul

Hey Mister, Is That Lady Dancing in a Towel? by Mariama

Alien Costuming by Dina Lydia

Saskia’s Sarcophagus by Dorthea Barth

Costuming by Izzabella Yell

CyBorg Robot Costume by Habib

My Very First Costume by Leila Sas

My Grandmother’s Clothes Transformed by Najla

Frankenseamstress by Jahanara

Looking Back: Tahia Alibeck by John Clow

An Enchanting Collaboration by Leyla Najma

Bellydance Brought Back My Passion by Katja Hornchen

The Costuming of Anar Dana by Julia Cain

Cleopatra by Shahravar


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