2012 Jareeda Costume Issue


This exciting issue is jam packed with great costuming articles. See the list below!


The 2012 Jareeda Costume Issue is chuck full of costuming articles to inspire and instruct.

Breathing Fire by Cassandra Rose

New Threads by Imei Hsu

Dancing Like a Peacock by Leyla Najma

Costume Dream Come True by Princess Farhana

What Covering Up Taught Me… by Gia al Qamar

How to Make, Find or Buy an…..by Jayne ‘Najah’ Somogy

Fashion and Costuming by Nizana

Adding Sparkle Using Shisha Mirrors by Deborah

Keyhole Tassels By Deborah

How to Fake Together a Really Big Skirt by Nalia

Sula’s Costumes by Delilah

On Becoming One’s Own Costumer by Sahara

Costuming For a Troupe by Kashani

My Fairy Costume by Lamas

A Beginner’s Journey by Shika’ Ana

The Joy of Selecting & Making Costume for…. by Roxy

Creative Costuming by Amara Al Amir

And more more more!


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