“The Soul of Belly Dance”



We’ve all been drawn to belly dancing by something. Maybe it was for exercise, an attraction to the costumes, the desire to perform. Maybe it was just your friend inviting you to attend a class with her. For whatever reason you started dancing, there is something deeper that kept you dancing.

I call this, the soul of belly dance. It’s this deeper aspect of the dance, the history, the culture the feeling inside of us, that seems to get into our blood like a sacred calling that we’ve answered and continue to honor. It’s an unseen force of women dancing throughout the ages and throughout the world, the knowing that we are connected in a time and space continuum to our sister dancers.  It’s about an art form that has traveled through time from the ancient to the present changing and morphing, never limited or bound by societal constraints………

Some of the chapters include the following:

The Origin of Belly Dancing? By Shira

A Tribal Journey By Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman

The Musical Soul of Belly Dance By Denise Gilbertson

Women’s Dance in the Islamic World By Arikah Peacock

Whirling By Nicole McLaren

“The Soul of Belly Dance” is a great addition to your library and it can be purchased on Amazon.com in black and white or color or for your kindle. Here are the links:

“The Soul of Belly Dance black and white”

“The Soul of Belly Dance color”

“The Soul of Belly Dance Kindle”

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I am passionate about belly dance, and I love to share my passion by publishing Jareeda Journal, the leading resource for Middle Eastern dance! My intent is to inform and celebrate, by creating a positive and supportive community for all belly dancers. I also sponsor Belly Dancer USA Competition and Mezdulene’s Annual Retreat.

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